Frequently Asked Questions

What is a magnet school?
A magnet school is a school with a strong emphasis in a particular subject area, and students are enrolled through an application process instead of being assigned based on residence. STISD draws students from Cameron, Hidalgo and Willacy counties, a total of 28 school districts.

Do you charge tuition?
No. STISD is a public school district; thus, all students receive a free education.

Are there entrance requirements?
A student only has to have an interest in a school’s career theme and be willing to learn in a challenging school environment. Students must, however, submit an enrollment form and the supporting school documents.

At what grade can I enroll my child?
Students may enter Rising Scholars Academy (RSA) and STPA in the seventh grade and first semester of eighth grade, if space exists. Students may enter BETA, Med High, Medical Academy and Sci Tech in the ninth grade and first semester of 10th grade. STISD does not accept new students beyond the 10th grade due to its specialized curriculum.

Do you provide transportation?
Yes. Free bus transportation is provided to all students, no matter how far they live from the school they wish to attend. Students are picked up and dropped off at the school they would normally attend.

What is your average student-to-teacher ratio?
20 to 1.

When can I enroll my child?
Enrollment for the upcoming school year begins in mid-January each year. STISD also offers second (spring) semester enrollment for 7th and 9th graders during November each school year.

How is STISD funded?
STISD is funded through federal, state and local property tax dollars. STISD charges $.0492 for every $100 in property value.