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The South Texas ISD Migrant Education Program is a supplemental instructional program that provides services for identified migrant students grades 7 -12th. The program is funded under the Title I, Part C.

The purpose of the Migrant Education Program is to provide support and appropriate educational services to migrant children who may experience obstacles such as educational disruptions as a result of their mobile lifestyles. The supplemental services provide our migrant students the opportunity to meet the same challenging state content and student performance standards expected by all students.

Eligibility for participation in the migrant program is dependent on whether the migrant student has crossed school district lines during the past three years so that the student, a parent, or other member of the immediate family may seek employment in agricultural or fishing related activities.

The South Texas ISD Migrant Education Program provides support services for migrant students through the following areas: Identification and Recruitment, New Generation System (NGS) for Migrant Student Record Transfer, Migrant Services Coordination, Graduation Enhancement, Secondary Credit Exchange and Accrual, Migrant Leadership/Enrichment Workshops, Laptop/Internet Services, Required Summer Reading Books & Services, Assistance with testing fees, Parental Involvement, and the facilitating of the Migrant Parent Advisory Council (MPAC)
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Campus Information:
Business, Education & Technology Academy (BETA)
510 S. Sugar Road, Edinburg, TX 78539
(956) 383-1684
Principal:  Mr. E. Garza
Migrant Recruiter/Social Worker:  Cynthia Ponce, LMSW-IPR
Email: cindy.ponce@stisd.net

High School for Health Professions (MED HIGH)
700 Med High Dr., Mercedes, TX 78570
(956) 565-2237
Principal:  Dr. B. Heater
Migrant Recruiter/Social Worker:  Nancy Talavera, LMSW
Email: nancy.talavera@stisd.net

Academy for Medical Professions (MED ACADEMY)
151 Helen Moore Rd., San Benito, TX 78586
(956) 421-1212
Principal:  Mr. H. Goette
Migrant Recruiter/Social Worker:  Candace Guillen, LBSW-IPR
Email: Candace.guillen@stisd.net

Science Academy (SCI TECH)
900 Med High Dr, Mercedes, TX 78570
(956) 565-4620
Principal:  Dr. I. Castillo
Migrant Recruiter/Social Worker:  Nancy Talavera, LMSW
Email: nancy.talavaera@stisd.net

South Texas Preparatory Academy (STPA)
724 S. Sugar Rd., Edinburg, TX 78539
(956) 381-5522
Principal: Ms. A. Castro
Migrant Recruiter:  Cynthia Ponce, LMSW-IPR
Email: cindy.ponce@stisd.net

Rising Scholars Academy of South Texas
151 Helen Moore Rd, San Benito, TX 78586
Principal: Mrs. C. Sauceda
Migrant Recruiter: Candace Guillen, LBSW-IPR
Email: Candace.guillen@stisd.net

New Generation System Clerk (NGS)
Janie Chavez
1 (800) 217-8839

Deputy Superintendent/Migrant Program Coordinator:
Jeff Hembree
100 Med High Dr., Mercedes, TX 78580

Migrant Identification/Recruitment Services
Laptop/Internet Services
Required Summer Reading Books & Services
Social Work Services
Credit Recovery Services
Assistance with testing fees
Migrant Leadership/Enrichment Workshops
Migrant Transfer Coordination Services
Migrant Parent Advisory Council (MPAC)

National Migrant Education Hotline: 1(800)234-8848
Texas Interstate Migrant Program:  1(800) 292-7006
Region One Education Service Center- Migrant Program: 
(956) 984-6240

Online Tutorials & Resources
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University of Texas Rio Grande Valley -Brownsville
College Assistance Migrant Program

University of Texas Rio Grande Valley - Edinburg
College Assistance Migrant Program

St. Edwards University-Austin, Texas
College Assistance Migrant Program

Texas A & M International - Laredo
College Assistance Migrant Program

Region One ESC- Migrant Education Program,