STISD students excel in accelerated learning opportunities

STISD students excel in accelerated learning opportunities

The mission of STISD centers on inspiring and developing each student to achieve at the highest level, lead in a chosen field and contribute to a changing world. 

One method through which the district works to achieve its mission is by offering high-quality, college-level learning opportunities on a daily basis through Pre-Advanced Placement (Pre-AP), Advanced Placement (AP), Dual Credit and International Baccalaureate (IB) courses.  

As part of the Dec. 1 board meeting agenda, Jeff Hembree, STISD deputy superintendent, reported on the enrollment of STISD students within the programs offered. His report included the number of students enrolled in each course within each program, with totals provided for every campus.

The advanced courses enrollment totals by campus for the 2015-2016 school year are as follows:

BETA: 3,469

Medical Academy: 3,691

Med High: 3,472

Science Academy: 3,876

STPA: 1,573

Rising Scholars: 301

“The first step in providing an outstanding quality education for each student is to provide the opportunity for every student to successfully participate in rigorous coursework,” said Hembree. “STISD not only has an open enrollment policy for every Pre-AP, AP, and IB course, but we actively recruit, encourage and support every student to participate in these courses.” 

The dual enrollment program allows students to earn college credit while completing high school graduation requirements. Pre-AP and AP courses stem from a cooperative program between secondary and postsecondary schools, allowing high school students to take college-level courses and earn college credit through national exams developed by the College Board. The IB Diploma Programme (offered only at BETA), provides students with a demanding, two-year high school curriculum that leads to final exams and postsecondary credits that are accepted by universities worldwide. 

By offering these options to our students, STISD increases the academic quality and rigor and prepares students to not only make it to college, but to succeed in college and in the workplace.    

To access the full report, click on link provided.